Forget beer capitals like St. Louis and Milwaukee. The next beer frontier is…Alaska.

Area Sales Manager – MillerCoors, Anchorage, AK

MillerCoors is looking for an enterprising beer professional to manage their tactical marketing budget in Alaska’s largest city. Candidates should have prior sales experience in a 3-tier system with a proven track record.



Some poor fellow from Great Falls, Montana, crashed his beer truck into the train track overpass last night, closing the overpass overnight.

From the Great Falls Tribune:

Great Falls Police Officer Steve O’Brien said the portion of 6th Street North between Park Drive and River Drive was closed about 5:20 p.m. Tuesday after a Bud Light trailer hauled by a Devine Brothers Distribution truck struck the bridge. The road was re-opened at about 6:45 p.m.


The overpass, which is used by BNSF Railway for freight trains, was moved approximately 8 inches, forcing two trains to hold in Great Falls overnight while crews moved the overpass and repaired the rail, said Eric Schroedel, assistant roadmaster for BNSF in Great Falls.

He said crews planned to use hydraulic jacks to reset the bridge in place before realigning the track. He expected the overpass to open to rail traffic by noon today.

O’Brien said the trailer that struck the overpass was 13 1/2-feet tall. It hit a yellow sign on the overpass that stated the height of the structure at 12 1/2 feet. The bridge also bears a white sign with black lettering that reads “restricted clearance.”

O’Brien said the driver, whose name was not released, usually tows a 12-foot-high trailer.

“It wasn’t his regular beer truck,” O’Brien said. “He usually drives one with a smaller clearance.”

This sounds like a classic movie tragicomic screw-up, like Fast Times at Ridgemont High (“Hope you had a hell of a piss, Arnold!”) or Kevin Smith’s Clerks (“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”).

The moral of this story… it’s never worth it to cover for your co-workers on your day off?

O’Brien said the accident is still under investigation and no citations were issued as of Tuesday night.

Schroedel said that when a vehicle hits an overpass, it is typically up to the company that owns the vehicle — or its insurance carrier — to pay for the repair cost.

He did not have an estimate for the repairs Tuesday.

“I have no idea. It depends on how many man hours we have to put into repairing the track and the bridge,” he said.

Let’s hope the Distro company has some good insurance!

In light of the unknown driver’s current situation, we thought we’d compile a listing of beer delivery jobs.  Just in case, you know?

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Albany, Georgia might be humid in June, but the beer still flows cool and MillerCoors is hiring at their brewery:

Manager Operations – Brewing – MillerCoors, Albany, GA

photo credit: nakedcharlton

photo credit: nakedcharlton

MillerCoors may have 288 years of brewing experience, but they still need somebody to direct the Brewing Department at their Albany brewery. Apply if you have at least 5 years in the brewing industry. It helps your cause to have a degree in Brewing Technology, Biology, Microbiology, Food Science or Engingeering.

Quality Service Engineer – MillerCoors, Albany, GA

MillerCoors is looking for a microbiologist to support their Albany brewery. You’d better have strong data interpretation skills and the ability to troubeshoot. A college degree in microbiology and 4-5 years in manufacturing or food/beverage processing is required.

Colorado Beer Jobs

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Cool mountain air, beer and benefits? That’s a winning combination, so this week, we have three prime Colorado beer jobs.

Account Sales Representative – C.R. Goodman Companies, Fort Collins, CO

C.R. Goodman Companies is a burgeoning specialty beer distributor, and they’re looking for a Account Sales Representative who knows the local market. This is a full-time position that includes 401K, benefits, cell phone and auto allowance.

Region Manager – CO, KS, OK, MO, & AR – Boston Beer Company, Denver, CO

Jim Koch’s Boston Beer Company is looking for a Regional Manager to work in Denver. You’ll take charge of distributing the 21 styles of Samuel Adams beer to Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.  For more chances to work for Sam Adams and the Boston Beer Company, visit our Boston Beer Jobs page.

ACCOUNTANT I – Anheuser-Busch, Fort Collins, CO

Anheuser-Busch, America’s largest brewer with a 48.5% market share, is looking for a full-time Accountant to work in Fort Collins. If you want this job, it’s important to be a multi-tasker with an MBA or finance-related degree.

[joblist query=”beer” location=”CO”]


Hello Beer Jobbers!

We have a new job board category that was just added. This one sort of straddles the line between beer and spirits, since this company is perhaps more known for their hard alcohol brands than their beer.

Click here to check out the new Diageo Job Board.

And of course, don’t forget out Miller Jobs and Budweiser Jobs!

UPDATE:  For current job listings, visit our Budweiser Jobs page.


With more than 50% of the market share of all beer sold in the United States, you better believe that Anheuser Busch (now A-B InBev) has plenty of jobs that need filling.  Here’s a glance at a few of the Budweiser jobs up on our beer job listing page.

First, let’s take a look at some jobs that are being created in New York, where Anheuser-Busch InBev will soon be opening their new offices.

These all seem to be upper management jobs, where you will likely need at least 10 years of experience in the field.

In Houston, Texas, Anheuser Busch is looking for an Operations Manager to lead plant production and manage Production Supervisors.  Applicants should have at least 10 years of experience in the field of industrial manufacturing, and have knowledge of statistical process control, which includes planning, problem solving, and data collection.

Our Beer Jobs page also has a couple of Anheuser-Busch Budweiser jobs based in Oklahoma.  These are entry level jobs as Sales Support Representatives.  You must have a high school diploma and a valid Oklahoma driver’s license, and be able to lift up to 165 lbs.  Responsibilities include merchandising, line cleaning, and delivery support to the Sales, Marketing and Delivery departments.  These positions are currently available in Perry, OK and Tulsa, OK.

That’s all for now.  Check back soon for updated listings, and next week we will take a look at some of the MillerCoors jobs that are on the market.

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Great moments in beer is a new feature on Beer Jobs dot org, and as far as breaking in a new category goes, it “doesn’t get much better than this.”  The early 80’s were a great time for beer advertisements on television, we were still riding the tide of not caring about political correctness.

I doubt Old Milwaukee was actually the first beer company to use scantily clad women to sell beer, but they sure knew how to take their existing formula and spice it up a little bit.  Wonder which ad generated more beer sales?

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any better…   (hit the jump for the Swedish Bikini team)

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green-bottleHello beer job hunters. Thanksgiving is past us now, and December is generally a slow month for finding a new job.  That’s because it’s one of the busiest times of the year for people in the beer industry.  But that doesn’t mean you should wait til January to start your job search, there are still tons of great leads out there that can lead you to an exciting career in beer.

Here is a quick breakdown of beer jobs coming from our Distribution Jobs page, our Brewery Jobs page, and our general Beer Jobs directory:

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Didn’t make it to the 2008 GABF?  Me neither.  Dang.

I followed along at home, through blog posts and Twitter updates, and was amazed at the quantity and quality of coverage.  Beer Sage of had a complete live-blog of the awards ceremony, and Craft Brew Cast was streaming podcasts from Denver.  As fun as it was to read about others’ experiences, you still can’t taste the beers from home.  That’s why I will DEFINITELY be going to the 2009 GABF.

This year, The AleSmith Brewing Crew of San Diego took home the coveted Best Small Brewery award, Simon Pesch of Pyramid Brewing took home the best Mid-Sized Brewing Company and Doug Muhleman of Anheuser-Busch won Best Large Brewing Company.

With ten and a half months until next year’s Great American Beer Festival, organizers at are already starting their search for volunteers.  And it’s a good thing they are starting now, since they need 2,500 people to help with set up, beer pouring, merchandise sales, security, volunteer coordination, and more.

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A little over three weeks into our operations here at beer jobs dot org, and we are just starting to jump on the beer blog gravy train.  Eli at Confessions of a Beer Geek has added a Beer Jobs RSS Feed to his blog, Hair of the Dog Dave, who covers the LA beer scene, has picked up on our Whole Foods Beer Specialist post, and Mario over at Brewed for Thought has implored his readers to stop watching daytime TV, and get out there and find employment in the beer industry.

Mario makes his case:

We all know economic times are rough.  People are losing their jobs left and right.  it’s times like these that present a unique opportunity: pursuing your dream.  Some people may be facing the prospect of collecting unemployment (or not) while sitting at home watching daytime soaps.  Instead of doing nothing and making relatively nothing, there’s no better time to make close to nothing and do something you’re really passionate about, work in the beer industry.

Amen, brother.

Despite the low pay that comes from entry level jobs in any highly competitive industry, don’t forget, in the beer industry, there are some pretty sweet perks (FREE BEER).

Brewed for Thought

Brewed for Thought