Brew for Ommegang

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The Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY, is in the business of making bottle conditioned Belgian-style ales.  Among their portfolio are some amazingly delicious beers like Three Philosophers, a quadruple, their farmhouse saison Hennepin, Belgian Amber Rare Vos, the funky Brett sour beer Ommegeddon, and their eponymous Abbey Ale.

If you’ve never heard of any of the above beers, chances are, you are the wrong person for the job.  Ommegang is definitely a heavy-hitter in the US craft brew scene when it comes to Belgian-style beers.  Maybe that is because they are owned by Duvel Moortgat, one of Belgium’s most popular breweries.

What is Ommegang looking for in potential employees?

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glarus-belgian-redStraight off our new Brewery Jobs job board, here’s a job for someone in Wisconsin.  From the job page:

Established and growing specialty brewery is seeking a LAB TECHNICIAN to carry out routine lab work. The successful applicant must have at least six months work experience performing standard microbiological or physical QUALITY ASSURANCE in an industrial, clinical, or food processing environment.

With fantastic beers like their Spotted Cow, Wisconsin Belgian Red, and

glarus1Raspberry Tart, it’s no surprise that New Glarus is expanding their facilities.  Construction on a new 75,000 square foot brewing facility is underway, a testament to the award-winning brewing that’s clinched Dan Carey the coveted Brewmaster of the Year award for two years in a row at the GABF.

As long as you have at least six months of experience relative to the job, you can apply in person or mail in your resume.  And it doesn’t hurt to tell them you heard about it on Beer Jobs dot org!

If you’re looking to find a retail beer job, Whole Foods is great place to work.   How many years in a row have they been on the Fortune Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list?  A lot.

And Whole Foods does a great job stocking a wide variety of beer.  Every time I walk through the Specialty section, I always kind of wonder what it would be like to be the beer buyer for a huge grocery store like Whole Foods.

They can only order beers that have previously been approved by corporate, but that’s still a pretty big list.  So it’s not the same freedom as a family owned local grocer, but still a whole lot more leeway than any other major grocery store.

If you keep an eye on the Beer Job Boards, you’ll see that Whole Foods jobs come up pretty often.  Often times, they will just say something like Specialty Team Member.  Their specialty department encompasses beer, wine, and cheese, so its more than just beer.  BUT, if you see Beer Specialist in the job title, that would be the point person in the beer department.

It looks like Los Angeles is a hot spot in need of more Beer Specialists right now, since there are 3 listings up on the Beer Job Board.  There is one at their Westwood location, another in Tustin, and then a more generic listing that just says they need a Beer Specialist in Los Angeles.  Possibly a double listing?

Who knows if this represents some sort of trend in a city that has long been a wasteland for beer.  Maybe Los Angeles is starting to catch up to the rest of the country?  Or maybe Whole Foods’ recent merger with Wild Oats has created more beer job openings?  Who knows.

For a current list of Whole Foods jobs, check the listings below!

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Manhattan Beer Distributors, one of the largest beer distributors in the US, is looking for new Sales Representatives to service existing routes in Queens.  Their brands include beers from Coors, Crown Imports, and the Boston Beer Company.

They are looking for someone that has previous experience in the field, the job ad says between 2 and 5 years of relevant work.

Pay is salary based, plus commission, with some pretty awesome benefits for a sales rep position:

* Medical & Dental Insurance
* 401(k) Retirement Plan
* 529 College Plan
* Transit Checks

For a current listing of beer jobs in Manhattan, see the list below!

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Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

The Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware, is looking for an “off-centered” IT administrator.  From the beer job listing:

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is in search of an Off-Centered IT Adminstrator to keep the Dogfish team technologically sound and efficient by maintaining our technology tools and providing sound support to keep us online and on keyboard. Of course we may be biased, but we absolutely believe this is the best IT job on the market!

I would have to agree.

At Dogfish, you’ll work with an amazing cast of characters (our co-workers) and you’ll be appreciated and recognized for the awesome talents you bring into our world. So if a cool place to work and grow, awesome benefits and free beer sound like a plan than bring it on.

Now I am in no way qualified for this job, but free beer from Dogfish Head?  There are few things I wouldn’t do for that.  Some required skills for the job: MS SQL, Exchange, desktop and server OS, MS Office Suite, plus knowledge of routers, switches, cabling, fiber optic converters, and VoIP.

Does an IT job with one of the best craft breweries in the country sound good to you?  Take a look at some other Dogfish Head jobs listed below:

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Sam Adams wants to hire you

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Right now, the beer job boards seem to be overrun by posts from the Boston Beer Company.  Everyone knows their Boston Lager pretty well, but do you keep up with their seasonal beers?  Their Oktoberfest is one I always look forward to, even though I’m not much of a fan of Fest beers in general.  Also, their Winter Ale is just starting to show up on taps around town.  Good stuff that Winter Ale is.

Now that InBev has bought out Budweiser, and Miller being owned by South Africans, Boston Beer Company is the World’s Largest American Owned Brewery.  Odds are pretty good that if you’re want to work for Samuel Adams, they are hiring in your area.

They’ve got some pretty interesting jobs up, too.  In Manhattan, they are looking for a National Account Manager.  Over in Breinigsville, PA, Boston Beer Company is looking to hire an Assistant Brewing Manager,  in charge of Yeast and Fermentation, who would be responsible for sanitation and CIP strategies at their Lehigh Brewery.

You can also take a peek at our current listings for jobs at Sam Adams below:

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Forums Are Up!

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talk-bubbleWhat do most people love more than anything, including beer?

Anonymously venting frustrations with their jobs!

We’ve got a new feature at the redesigned Beer Jobs dot org.  In addition to this blog, we now have a Beer Job forum called I Get Free Beer Beer Jobbers!  (Forums have been moved & restarted due to spam problems).  And yes, venting is one thing you can use the forums for.  But we also hope to build them up as a resource for people interested in getting into the beer industry, who might have questions about specific fields.

There are 5 different categories to choose from, General Questions, for people who are new to the beer industry or are considering a job in beer, a Producers Forum for the top-tier beer workers who work at breweries, a Distributors Forum for wholesalers and beer reps, and two Retailers Forums, one for On-Premise workers like bartenders and waiters, and an Off-Premise forum for liquor and wine store workers.

If you or anyone you know works in the beer industry, please forward this link, and let them know about the new beer worker forums!

Welcome to the Beer Jobs Blog

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Hello Beer Workers, and welcome to our redesigned site, complete with blog functionality!  Keep an eye on the site, we have a few exciting new features coming soon…