Mario Thinks His Unemployed Readers Should Find Beer Jobs

Posted by | November 22, 2008 | Friends

A little over three weeks into our operations here at beer jobs dot org, and we are just starting to jump on the beer blog gravy train.  Eli at Confessions of a Beer Geek has added a Beer Jobs RSS Feed to his blog, Hair of the Dog Dave, who covers the LA beer scene, has picked up on our Whole Foods Beer Specialist post, and Mario over at Brewed for Thought has implored his readers to stop watching daytime TV, and get out there and find employment in the beer industry.

Mario makes his case:

We all know economic times are rough.  People are losing their jobs left and right.  it’s times like these that present a unique opportunity: pursuing your dream.  Some people may be facing the prospect of collecting unemployment (or not) while sitting at home watching daytime soaps.  Instead of doing nothing and making relatively nothing, there’s no better time to make close to nothing and do something you’re really passionate about, work in the beer industry.

Amen, brother.

Despite the low pay that comes from entry level jobs in any highly competitive industry, don’t forget, in the beer industry, there are some pretty sweet perks (FREE BEER).

Brewed for Thought

Brewed for Thought

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