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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is looking for someone to lead a team in the cultivation, nurturing and stewardship of the Sierra Nevada brand. This position will be responsible for the creation, management, and execution of brand expressions and tracking success through field sales.

Projects will include: ad layouts, new product roll outs, interactive campaigns, graphic development, nurturing social media communities, public relations efforts, event concept development, web development, sales programs, and managing point of sale development and fulfillment.

The types of duties and responsibilities include: developing the strategy and creation of all supporting materials needed to maximize the market impact of new product rollouts, interacting with sales to identify target markets, target account types, and to define and monitor metrics for success.

Will also be responsible for creatively building strategy for the companys future interactive campaigns, including building an interactive strategy for events and sales programs. In addition, will assist in the creation of all graphic brand expressions, build strategy to deepen relationships with core customer groups, develop loyalty programs, assist in the continuing development of event concepts, oversee all photo shoots and video production for new product rollouts, special products, and the company website, and will be required to either write or oversee copywriting for all sales collateral materials, packaging and other communication.

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