Great moments in beer is a new feature on Beer Jobs dot org, and as far as breaking in a new category goes, it “doesn’t get much better than this.”  The early 80’s were a great time for beer advertisements on television, we were still riding the tide of not caring about political correctness.

I doubt Old Milwaukee was actually the first beer company to use scantily clad women to sell beer, but they sure knew how to take their existing formula and spice it up a little bit.  Wonder which ad generated more beer sales?

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any better…   (hit the jump for the Swedish Bikini team)

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Didn’t make it to the 2008 GABF?  Me neither.  Dang.

I followed along at home, through blog posts and Twitter updates, and was amazed at the quantity and quality of coverage.  Beer Sage of had a complete live-blog of the awards ceremony, and Craft Brew Cast was streaming podcasts from Denver.  As fun as it was to read about others’ experiences, you still can’t taste the beers from home.  That’s why I will DEFINITELY be going to the 2009 GABF.

This year, The AleSmith Brewing Crew of San Diego took home the coveted Best Small Brewery award, Simon Pesch of Pyramid Brewing took home the best Mid-Sized Brewing Company and Doug Muhleman of Anheuser-Busch won Best Large Brewing Company.

With ten and a half months until next year’s Great American Beer Festival, organizers at are already starting their search for volunteers.  And it’s a good thing they are starting now, since they need 2,500 people to help with set up, beer pouring, merchandise sales, security, volunteer coordination, and more.

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